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Insightt is a revolutionary tool that was designed and built by a repossessor. With great need comes great innovation, and Insightt is nothing short of that

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Traditional Process


Running 73246t88 different reports EVERY time you need numbers.


Spend countless hours piecing fragmented data together.


Hoping your drivers are being the most productive in the field.


Bouncing from one system to the next trying to figure out the giant puzzle that is in front of you.

Insightt Process


All your company, client, and driver data displayed in REAL TIME – no reports to run. Ever.


  • Driver Management tool that notifies you with REAL TIME alert notifications when your drivers aren't being productive in the field.
  • State of the art ranking logic that automatically ranks your drivers from greatest to least.
  • See where each type of driver ranks amongst the same driver type so you can easily identify problematic employees.


One central app for ALL analytics, timeclock, and employee management.

Benefits of Using Insightt

Benefit Reports


Tired of constantly running a million different reports to get the information you need to run a successful operation? We are too! Insightt is designed to give you all of your company, driver, and client data for all of your locations, all in REAL TIME! If you wait on a scorecard to see where you stand, it’s already too late. Reports data includes:

  • Companywide recovery rate as well as each individual branch in REAL TIME.
  • REAL TIME recovery rate for every client, for every location
  • MTD/YTD repossessions – MTD/YTD assignment count – MTD/YTD missed repossessions – MTD/YTD recovery rate – MTD/YTD driver leaderboard – MTD/YTD employee stats

Client Details

The Client Detail page allows you to see your REAL TIME MTD/YTD numbers for each client, for each location in comparison to the same time period the year before. Set recovery rate goals for each client and see your REAL TIME scorecard come to life for every client, for every location.

Client Details also displays each client’s assignments, repossessions, and recovery rate data for the past 4 years so you can easily identify which client(s) are the most profitable and which client’s volume is increasing/decreasing.

Benefit Reports
Benefit Reports

Employee Stats

Hard to keep track of who is coming in on time, leaving early, working the hours they are supposed to? It’s hard for us too! Insightt gives you all these stats and creates leaderboards based on the same position type so you can easily identify who your rock stars are, and who is just plain dead weight. Insightt also calculates all your drivers commissions and the hourly wages of each employee. HR and payroll just got much more simple!

Driver Management

One of the biggest features of Insightt! All driver user types are required to clock in and run their shift on our mobile app. We designed it this way so you can easily be notified of your employees location every time an infraction occurs. Insightt sends management REAL TIME notifications each time a user starts/ends a shift early/late, goes over their break period, and also has a totally customizable feature where you can set custom timers to generate infractions when users don’t have RDN activity or are motionless while they’re on the clock! Say goodbye to the countless hours it takes trying to piece together your driver’s productivity each shift. Every time an infraction in generated, your driver will have to give an explanation as to why the infraction occurred and their GPS location will be pinged and sent to management each time. Management will then have the ability to disregard the infraction or save it to the employees record. Insightt uses this saved data and ranks it amongst the same driver types so management will have a clear understanding of who is productive in the field and who’s not. You’re welcome.

Benefit Shits


Insightt gives you the ability to create custom shifts tailored to how YOU operate. When creating a shift, you can choose from 3 types of commissions that will automatically generate for your drivers while they are on their shift in REAL TIME. These options are:

Per Car:

Set a dollar value for every Invol and Vol secured while your drivers are on shift and Insightt will know every time either of these repossessions occur and will generate the commission. This commission is available for spotters too!

Individual Bonus:

An individual bonus allows you to set a goal for your drivers while on their shift and generate a commission if it is attained. For example: you set an individual bonus for your Recovery Agents of 5 cars with a dollar value of $100. If a Recovery Agent secures 5 cars in the shift, Insightt will automatically generate a $100 commission for that Agent that secured 5 cars in the shift. If 4 cars are recovered in the shift, the Recovery Agent will receive nothing for that commission. And yes, you can set the amount of those cars to be involuntary ;) – Also works for spotters too

Team Bonus:

Same concept as the Individual Bonus, but for everyone (or not) on the shift. This commission allows you to set a number for the entire shift to hit collectively. If the number is attained, everyone (or selected amount) will receive a commission. For example: You set a team goal of 17 cars secured for the shift to attain together with a dollar value of $100 for your Recovery Agents and $50 for your Spotters. If 17 cars are repossessed collectively by everyone that is on the shift, every Recovery Agent will receive a $100 commission and every Spotter will receive $50. You also have the ability to set an involuntary minimum for this commission as well as set tiers.

Company Time Clock

Insight custom tailored a company timeclock around the repossession industry and married it with the ability to create custom shifts for all your employees. Your users will have the ability to clock in/out and take their breaks via our mobile app or the web. Insightt’s time clock makes it mandatory for all driver user types (Recovery Agent, Spotter, Camera Car Driver) to start/end their shift using our mobile app. All other user types can log their time and take their breaks on the web. Insightt calculates the total time each user spends on the clock and breaks it down by:

  • Drive time (time spent in motion – mobile app only)
  • Idle time
  • Break time
  • Pause time
Benefit Shits
Benefit Shits

Automated Commissions

Whether you chose one or all three of the commissions while creating you shift, Insightt will calculate and automate your whole flow, all in REAL TIME with nothing needed from your drivers. Say goodbye to commission sheets and verifying each commission requested by each of your drivers. Insightt now does all this for you.

Industry Firsts

From being able to see spotter and camera car performance data

  • To being able to see and identifying all missed repossessions
  • To being able to see a REAL TIME scorecard for every single client
  • Insightt is filled with Industry First’s
Benefit Shits
Benefit Shits

Mobile App/ Dashboards

Insightt is designed to keep your drivers and employees engaged! When a user starts a shift, they are immediately taken to their “dashboard” where not only their specific productivity will come to life, but also what everyone else that is logged into the same shift as well! Your drivers now have the ability to see their repossessions and spotted vehicles in REAL TIME, but also what is pending to be secured as well. We also created the ”Repossession Hit List” which puts all the branches confirmed/spotted vehicles in an easy to view list from oldest to newest. We do this so your drivers are reminded of the spotted vehicles that have the highest probability of closing, so they are constantly reminded of all the steel that needs to come home! In addition to the individual stats while they are on shift, Insightt also keeps a personal log of their employee stats for the year and their rankings amongst their colleagues.


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Insightt is currently in beta with a handful of companies while we finish up the last few touches. Please join our waiting list to possibly be selected to join our beta test group as well as being first to know when Insightt is fully live!

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